We’ve been very sneaky these past few weeks and kept a big secret from you all – who doesn’t love a surprise though?

As you will know, in the summer of 2018 we underwent significant renovations to transform our beer garden into a “destination”. Working with a relatively small space, the team at ArtHaus Design created an individual outdoor area with a bona fide indoor feel. It’s a treat for the eyes and a place to take the weight off! Fully kitted out with rich wooden cabinets, drawers, shelves and an island bar counter, you almost get the feeling that you are sitting in your granny’s front room rather than in the beer garden in a pub on Washington Street.

Our beer garden is a hidden gem. It’s off the street and neatly confined within the Costigan’s premises. It acts as a smoking area, a walk way through from one side of the bar to the other, and an intimate area to catch a breath of fresh air.

Our built-in cabinets are reminiscent of those you would find in an old, countryside grocer. They are laden with old Irish beer bottles which accentuate the traditional Irish theme running through the pub.  A long narrow bar counter just in front of these cabinets’ acts as a fantastic pop-up bar for our regular tasting sessions.

Look up and you will see we also created an over-hanging balcony, completed with a parked antique bicycle, perfectly complementing the true Irish character of Costigan’s Pub.

The retractable awning covering the entire beer garden allows you to enjoy the stunning décor and surroundings no matter the weather.

We are so in love with the transformation of our outdoor area that we made the decision to get a bit of a facelift inside too! Having won the regional award in 2018 for Outstanding Customer Service in the Irish Pub Awards we decided to treat our customers a little more by renovating the pub. We know how much our customers adore the ambiance and vibe of Costigan’s Pub and we were adamant that we wouldn’t lose that. We put our trust again in Noel and his team from ArtHaus Design and they did not disappoint! These guys are so incredibly talented and really understand how important it is to retain the character of a true Irish pub.

To use their own words, “The Irish pub is quite unique, it has personality all of its own. This has always been the secret to its success. We have been painting charm and atmosphere into Irish pubs since 1996.

By using specialist paint effects, we can recreate the ambience of what a real Irish pub is all about. Specialist paint effect in your pub can enhance an old world atmosphere with an up-to-date believable authentic look. By using paint effects on an existing but maybe tired Irish pub, we will only enhance what you already have.

We specialise in decorative finishes and specialist paint effects for Irish pubs. On all surfaces, walls, ceilings, wood work, bar front, bar back, wood panelling, and plaster moulding.

ArtHaus is a very much hands-on team, dedicated to achieving the real authentic Irish pub, while meeting your needs.”

From the underseat lighting to the addition of a second snug, Costigan’s oozes comfort and homely vibes. Our parlour and the iconic Granny’s Room have been completely transformed; you’ll soon struggle to remember what they used to look like. You simply must stop by and check out our new kitchen front in the parlour – words can’t quite capture the sheer beauty, pristine finish and novelty furnishings it boasts.

Our walls are laden with vintage memorabilia, we almost ran out of space to hang things! Here’s a challenge, swing by and see if you can spot where we keep our cornflakes!

So what are you waiting for? Call in and check us out for yourselves!